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Desert Trekking in Mhamid

Join our desert Trekking in Mhamid to visit several different locations if you stay for multiple days, We’ll guide you to explore the deep Erg Chigaga desert by walking and spend nights under the stars and enjoy the night with candlelight as the ancient Berber nomad has done for generations.

Desert hiking is the stuff of legend, and sitting astride a camel as the sun sets over the golden sands of the Sahara desert is surely the best way to hiking.

Desert Trekking in Mhamid

When To Go For Desert Trekking in Mhamid?

Morocco Desert Trekking in Mhamid is possible from October to April, but the best time to go is from December through February.

Daytime temperatures are pleasant (18-56°C or 68-77°F) and the sun is not as strong as during the rest of the year. Spring is a wonderful event in the desert and arrives in late February or March, bringing the amazing sight of flowering plants to the base of the sand dunes.

Sandstorms can happen anytime but are most common towards the end of March and into April.

Exploring the Sahara desert can last as little as a couple of hours to a multiple-week caravan trek. Most travelers opt for an overnight excursion, with the mode of travel – camel, 4WD, or a combination of both – dependent on your choice of sand dunes.

It’s possible to organize this independently, but if you wish to head straight out to Overnight Camel Trek in Mhamid desert camp, you’ll need to arrive very early at your auberge or pre-book.

Mhamid Camel Treks

Camel treks should include all of your meals; some will also include bottled water, but it’s worth taking an extra personal supply as well. I normally budget on two large bottles per night, plus a bottle of red wine for sunset on the dune. Blankets and rugs are provided, but they are usually communal, so you may want to take your own sleeping bag or inner sheet. Very rarely will any medical supplies be carried.

Blankets and rugs are provided, but they are usually communal, so you may want to take your own sleeping bag or inner sheet. Very rarely will any medical supplies be carried.

Where To Go for Desert Trekking in Mhamid? 

Morocco has two main deserts to enjoy a Desert trekking morocco, set around the towns of Mhamid and Zagora. Both are in the southeast of the country but are yet quite far apart from one another–and each town has its own distinct flavor.

The advantage and the disadvantage of Mhamid are that it is more developed than Zagora. In Mhamid, there is a much wider choice of hotels from budget to luxury – set literally at the feet of the giant sand dunes.

It is hard to go anywhere in town without seeing the dunes of Erg Chigaga towering on the horizon. If you are short on time or want a room with a view, and you do not mind sharing the desert with groups of fellow travelers, then Mhamid is the place to go.

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What to bring for Desert Trekking in Mhamid?

Packing lightly is best. Remember, on a camel desert trekking in Mhamid, it is the camel that carries all your things, along with the supplies for cooking and camping! Put everything in bags that can get bumped and thrown around. This is not the place for fine suitcases.

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