Here are the best private Morocco desert tours depart from the city of Marrakech or Fes and the itinerary is designed to suit your needs. Time organizations are there to be customized to match the necessities of the special party. If there is a statement, there is a private desert tour that can be prepared so that the cost does not surpass the coveted amount.

Private Morocco desert tours

WHY DO Private Morocco desert tours?

An area of sand and five-star glamping places; there is nothing quite like unlimited sand on the range with only the sound of your breathing to guide you. The Sahara desert is a once-in-a-lifetime activity.

Meeting almost three-quarters of Morocco, the deserted dunes; of the Sahara desert are easily reached from Marrakesh and Fes, With the rolling dunes and arid region that marks the start of the majestic Sahara. Reaches interesting nomad lifestyles and little fragments of the vital role that this part of Morocco competed in the Silk Road.

Whether you are attending to do a day trip from Marrakesh or an elongated Morocco desert tour, what you will experience here will be way ahead of your expectations.

morocco desert tour Erg Chebbi



This slice of the desert is known for its range of dunes and is, consequently, the most familiar. Merzouga is perfect for those viewing private Morocco Sahara Desert tours from Marrakesh to Fes or vice versa.

For those who want; to travel the desert a little more; The Erg Chigaga is something that you cannot miss while on a desert trip in the South. The tallest dune in Merzouga, the Erg Chigaga is a 2-hour drive or 5-days walk or camel ride from the town Mhamid. The view from the dune offers; a panoramic view of the mountains in the distance towards Algeria and the seemingly endless dunes of Erg Chegaga. You’ll see the luxury camps dotted across the orange dunes and stretch out into the distance.


Zagora is the easiest to access for a short trip in Morocco such, as this private 2-Day Desert tour from Marrakech, although not quite as impressive as Merzouga.  

The Zagora Sahara desert is a dry stone desert; So it does not offer dunes, like in Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga. The Zagora Desert provides the opportunity to get in touch with Berber people and live a nomadic life. Around Zagora, you’ll have the chance to see camel caravans, which are still used, As a means of transport for the Nomads.

 The sign marked the starting point for Saadian caravans’ quest to conquer the city and the beginning of Zagora’s cosmopolitan feel as traders continued to stop in the town.

morocco desert tour from Marrakech

HOW TO GET TO THE DESERTS During Private Morocco desert tours

Merzouga and Zagora are more than six hours away and in opposite directions; With Zagora lying further south of the Algerian border than Merzouga.


From Marrakesh to Merzouga, the private journey takes nine hours. We suggest that you incorporate your private Sahara desert tour in Morocco into tours from Marrakesh to Fes. By doing this, you can split up the long journey by visiting the small towns and villages along the way and getting in touch with Berber culture before arriving in Merzouga.

Other options include routes from Casablanca, Tangier, and Agadir. Once again, we advise you to incorporate this into a tour to avoid the long journey and missing; Out on Morocco’s desert towns. Experiences such as this Morocco desert tour from Casablanca will take you to all the right places.

While on a Marrakesh desert trip, We highly recommend stopping; At Ouarzazate to see the kasbahs and the impressive them; Ait Ben Haddou. From the old caravan route. Ouarzazate is an excellent addition to your Morocco desert tour as you snatch a glimpse of life on the trading routes of the 17th century. You can also incorporate this into your private Fes tour to Merzouga to see earthen homes that formed great towns in the heart of the desert.


The desolate Zagora; is easily reached from Marrakesh; While Zagora does not have any dunes, as Erg Chebbi; It does offer the desert experience; that you were looking for while traveling in Morocco. As your Berber nomad experts guide you, you’ll learn the ways of surviving while on the road in unforgiving dry landscapes.

On your way to Zagora, you can also break up your journey by stopping in Ouarzazate. The town marks the half-way point to the desert from Marrakesh.

morocco Camel desert tours

WHAT DO YOU DO ON Private Morocco desert tours?


Morocco and camel rides, Seem to fit together; An iconic image of the country onward with its desert; walking into the dunes on the back of a camel is one of the most famous things to do while in Morocco’s desert.

Reaching nearby sunset, just as you would in this private Marrakesh Sahara tour, you’ll view the sunset across the dunes as you and your camel are guided; towards your camp for the night.  

As you are walking through the sand, you’ll feel like you are in the heart of the Sahara as the countless dunes stretch out in the distance. As you watch the sunset from a viewpoint, you’ll witness the sky turn from a burnt red to black as the stars begin to light up the sky.

An experience; that is available in both Merzouga and Zagora, Morocco’s camel ride experience is an essential part of any trip.

SANDBOARDING Private Morocco desert tours

If you are an eager surfer, snowboarder, or skater, you’ll be thrilled to find out that you can play around with your experiences in the sand. An exciting; Alternative to travel the dunes of Merzouga, sandboarding adds an adrenaline-pumping turn to your private Sahara desert tours.

You can opt for a model to show you or grab a keep and take to the sand solo to traverse the dunes aboard. Either way, you’ll have a soft and warm landing; Which will add a little to your confidence. Sandboarding is an exciting addition for adrenaline seekers looking to spice up their tour to Morocco, such as this 4-day Sahara Desert tour, Morocco.


Get some wheels while in Merzouga to explore the 35 kilometers of sand while jumping dunes and careering down into the natural valleys carved by the wind.

Quad biking in the desert is a great; option for families traveling in Morocco as a fun alternative to walking in the midday heat. You’ll be able to guide your children while they navigate the vehicle or take control and watch their faces beam while you explore the Merzouga Desert.

morocco desert tours

Private Morocco desert tours 4×4 DRIVE 

Begin the desert region and the arid landscapes of this part of Morocco on a 4×4 exploration from Marrakesh to the Sahara Desert like this 4WD Moroccan Highlights Adventure. Get ready for a rough ride as you journey from the city to Ouarzazate and around the Sahara Desert, stopping off to explore all that the Morocco desert has to offer along the way.

While this set of the trip is not for the faint-hearted, those who do, enjoy more adventurous excursions; will rejoice in this unique Marrakesh desert tour.


As the sun sets over the sand of Merzouga and Zagora, you’ll experience something truly unique to your desert tour. The sky will come alight, but differently, as the stars appear, lighting up the sky; so much that you won’t need a torch to see where you are going.

Star-gazing in the desert is unlike any star-gazing experience you have had before. With no light pollution for miles, you’ll become an astronomer without a telescope as shooting stars cross the sky and the Milky Way lights up before you.  

Private morocco desert tours


The Berber people are indigenous to the north and west of Africa; are descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of the region. Berber people are traditionally nomads, and their culture and lifestyles are focused on living on the move.

While on any tour in the Merzouga desert or even the High Atlas mountains, you will travel with and learn about Berber culture, as it lives and breathes through the landscape.

On a more culturally immersive trip, such as this 3-Day Morocco Must Do a tour, you’ll have the chance to meet the Gnawi who were, brought to North Africa by the Berber people as slaves.

Gnawa music in this region is famous and is rapidly spreading across the world. Gnawa music has an Islamic religious rhythm and is associated with ritualistic healers; through musical ceremonies, people are; treated through the drawing of saints and entities through the burning of incense and the Gnawa musicians’ trance.

The continuity and popularity of Gnawa music are vital for the preservation of the Gnawa culture and heritage. Today it is celebrated; in a more modern fashion at the annual music festival in Essaouira, now the biggest music festival in the country.

moroccan desert trip


It is possible to do a Morocco desert tour at any time of year; however, for the best action, it is best to go either between March and May or September and October. This; is the shoulder season for Europeans, so fewer people will be traveling at this time. Morocco, in particular, the desert will not be as hot at this time too.

The spring and autumn months are suitable for tours around all of Morocco; as with moderate temperatures, you can enjoy all of the activities available from the High Atlas Mountains to the Sahara.

In winter, the Moroccan desert may be more relaxing with fewer tourists; however, it will be cold; at night. You will also have the additional factor of unfavorable weather conditions; Which could jeopardize your trip itinerary. Morocco can and does get snow in the mountains due to its northern positioning.

moroccan desert trip

WHAT TO PACK TO GO TO THE Private Morocco desert tours

Only one thing should remain in your mind when packing for your private desert tours: “how can I come away from the Sahara with as little sand in my belongings as possible?”

A challenging task, but let’s see what we can do;


Good walking shoes, preferably walking sandals, will be ideal for your private desert tour in Morocco, even if it is just a day trip from Marrakesh. As sand will flow; easily from them, you won’t find that sand reaches your toes every time you put your shoes on!

A LIGHT BAG AND A BAG LINER FOR Private Morocco desert tours

A smaller light bag is all that you will need for a night in the desert. You can arrange luggage storage with your guide when you plan your Morocco desert tour.

A liner bag can slot inside your bag to protect your clothes from getting sandy. If the desert starts to get windy, which it can, this will stop a thick mist of sand from getting inside.

WHAT TO WEAR During Private Morocco desert tours

Light clothes covering arms and legs will help you to avoid sunburn and stay cool during the day. At night, the desert can get cold, so a sweater, socks, and perhaps even some thermals or leggings will keep you warm while you are star-gazing.
Some touts may insist that you buy a headscarf before heading out into the desert; however, this is only really necessary if you are going on a long trip where sand storms may be possible. Even then, the traditional Berber headwear on tourists is purely for tourist purposes. The prices suggested will be a little overpriced; it is up to you whether; or not you engage in this purchase; a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen will suffice.

camel ride desert tour

CREATING YOUR Private Morocco desert tours

While it is possible to book your private Morocco Sahara tours; When you arrive, there are some risks of planning by yourself, particularly for female solo travelers. When planning to go on an overnight trip to Merzouga or Zagora from Marrakesh, it is vital to do your research and know who exactly you are booking with

Many travel companies are selling the same trips in Morocco’s larger cities. The benefit of booking in advance is that you can do thorough research and select trusted agents from the get-go.

When booking a custom tour with Tripfuser, you’ll have a range of Local Suppliers who can create a safe trip to ensure you have the best possible experience; when in the Moroccan desert. At Tripfuser, all of our Local Suppliers are careful; to make sure you have the best possible experience.

With Tripfuser, you can create a trip that suits you; Select from our fully-customizable private Morocco tours to begin your conversation with one of our in-destination Local Suppliers. From there on in, you will work together to curate your personalized travel experience. Our Local Suppliers in Morocco will go down to the finest; detail to ensure you are out in the desert plains in no time!

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