3 Day Camel Trek Morocco

3 Day Camel Trek Morocco


3 Day Camel Trek Morocco in the Sahara is a hike in the desert of Mhamid with the Berbers, nomads, and a caravan of camels. This 3-days camel trekking can be longer: Enjoy a Sahara camel trekking tour during your visit or a stay in a Morocco Sahara desert. 

Itinerary 3-Day Camel Trek 

 DAY 1: M’hamid – LAHNITI.  

Our 3 Day Camel Trek departure from M’hamid in the morning at 9 am with your guides, the Sahrawi nomads. They will accompany you during your Sahara desert trip, the first step for lunch is in the shade of the palm grove, then a break for the meal, and you still have to walk about two hours to reach Lahniti dunes where we will Set up The camp. Enjoy the desert silence watching the sunset and starry sky.


The breakfast is taken in the desert early in the morning, our 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco will leave reload the camels to attack a new day of the walk, you will spend the afternoon on a picnic and arrive in the evening to Sidi Naji where we spend our overnight camel trek. once again you will set the camp (the guide take care of everything) if you want to ride a little camel, you can enjoy the fact that they will be unloaded a little before dark.


After breakfast, loading the camel caravan, we reach the magnificent palm grove, lunch stood in the shade of Palm Tree. End your Overnight camel trekking at Mhamid

Services included:

This 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco is one of the most popular things to do in Morocco. Is to discover the Sahara Desert on a camel trek and night in a Berber tent under the stars.

 – A local team: Camel drivers, cooks, camel
caravan …
– Camping equipment (tents nomads, small mattresses, blankets,
kitchen …)
– All meals and drinks (water & tea, coffee) in the desert

Services not included:

– Tips for staff and extras.

Reminder: 3-Days Camel Trek Morocco

–  Our 3 Day Camel Trekking in desert Morocco is adjustable, modifiable, and extensible. Contact us and specify the reference for the trip to be customized!

The 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco is not all dunes. Deserts have a whole array of scenery. On either side were small bushes of wiry scrub. The sand was gravel-like inconsistency. The heat built fast. The smoothness of a breeze up there on camelback was vaguely soothing, but the sun’s rays on exposed skin were like the slap of palm on legs.

Your guide – is an experienced person. With him, you will see the desert, orange sand dunes large and small, oases, and sunrises and sunsets so beautiful you will never forget them. Of course, you will also spend your time riding camels. They are amazing animals and the natural choice for riding through the arid beauty of the Moroccan desert.
​All of the treks listed can be changed, extended, or shortened to meet your requirements. Treks can start on any day to suit your needs.

3 Day Camel Trek Morocco