Camel Treks in Morocco

6-Days Camel Treks in Morocco Overview

Camel Treks in Morocco Sahara Desert; is the best way to discover the culture, camel trekking tours to explore the vast Erg dunes Sahara desert you will be trekking or riding camels through the desert, stopping for lunch under the shade of a Tamarisk tree, before stopping to set up camp for the night

HERE ARE THE BEST 6 Day Camel Treks in Morocco Itinerary

Day 1 / Our Camel trek in the Sahara desert start from Marrakech crossing the High Atlas by the Tichka pass at an altitude of 2260 m.

Day 2 / We will head south and cross the Oued Draa and the palm grove of Ras Nkhal to reach a desert plateau. Later we admire the panorama before arriving in Sidi Naji, an old village in ruins, where we will take a picnic prepared by our cook. Another hour’s walk in the afternoon to reach the beautiful dunes with the same name. Overnight in tents 5 hours of walking. Easy level camel trekking in Morocco Sahara desert.

Day 3 / We will leave the bivouac of Sidi Naji direction of the largest dunes of the Draa Valley. Magnificent landscapes! At the end of the afternoon, we will climb the dune of Zahar for an unforgettable sunset. 5 hours of walking. Easy level.

Day 4 / After breakfast, we will head northeast for a route marked by very desert landscapes with many Tamaris trees. Overnight in tents in the large Ait Ou-Nir dunes. The 5 hours walk. Is it an Easy level camel trek in the Morocco Sahara desert?

Day 5 / Once finish breakfast, we will head east across the dunes of Erg Ait Ounir and the trees of Tamaris. Sumptuous dessert landscapes await us during this stage. We will stop for lunch just before arriving at the pass, under the beautiful palm trees of Ras N’khal. 5 hours walk. Easy level.

Day 6 / In this last hour of our camel treks in the Morocco desert, after breakfast, we will take our vehicle to return to Marrakech via Tagnit Zagora Agdez pass Tichka. 7 hours of driving and about 1 hour of walking.

Camel Treks in Morocco

Note: Camel Treks in Morocco

You wish to extend your camel treks in the Morocco Sahara desert tour to 6 days in the Moroccan Sahara desert; we invite you to let us know at the time of booking then we can best organize your stay.

– All our Morocco camel trek are adjustable and extensible:

Camel Treks in Morocco PRICE INCLUDES :

Transport From and to Marrakech

All meals during the trek

Ready tents during hiking

The services of a cook

The services of a guide

Dromedaries for carrying luggage

Team camel

Not includes/

Lunch during the transfer