Morocco Trek 5 days

Morocco Trek 5 Days Summary

Morocco Trek 5 Days 4 nights to explore the beauty of the  Sahara desert because on this exciting 5–day Camel trek you will live in the lifestyle and culture of the Nomads. It is the time to experience the real Morocco Sahara desert, then takes a camel trekking trip, and overnights in the Sahara Desert.

Itinerary Morocco Trek 5 Days:


 Our Morocco camel trek 5 days starts from Mhamid but it can be departed from Marrakech or from Ouarzazate. Because this first day leads to the dunes of Sidi Naji between dunes and desert plateaus. The camping is in the heart of the Erg (dunes), after a day of intense trekking in the Sahara desert.  

Day 2: SIDINAJI – Erg Ezzahar 

We pass Nebkit Sidi Taieb then go towards Erg Ezzahar, where we see the remains of an ancient nomadic village and a well to refresh the tired souls. We set the bivouac for the night.

Day 3: EZZAHAR –  Erg Smar.

Because our 5-days camel trekking in Morocco continues on its way to the dunes where we set up camp. Then enjoy the sunset on the dune and a good tajine for dinner under the stars. The night is magnificent, and the emotion intense.

Day 4: Bosnian.

We cross the Reg Bousnina the heart of the Sahara desert to regain Sidi Naji in the afternoon, where lays the tomb of an ancient Marabout because that became a pilgrimage destination for nomads. Bivouac.

Morocco Trek 5 days: M’Hamid:

The next morning after breakfast at Morocco Sahara desert camp take the road heading towards M’hamid for lunch. Before arriving in Mhamid, we will visit the old kasbahs on the way.

Services included in this Morocco Trek 5 days:

–  5 day and 4 nights During Trekking
–  A local team, Camel drivers, cooks, camel
caravan …
– Camping equipment (tents nomads, small mattresses, blankets,
kitchen …)
– All meals and drinks (water & tea, coffee) in the desert

Services not included at this Morocco desert Trek 5 Day:

Sleeping bags
– Tips for staff and extras
Then this beauty of dunes provides an incredible backdrop to experience a real adventure 5 days of Morocco Camel trekking to the dunes to reach a hidden oasis ho camp. Then you can enjoy typical food prepared in the desert camp.
If you are eager to meet the desert, that is the right trip for you….well, all our trips are!  

Our list Morocco Trek  prices from Marrakech

All our trekking and hiking tours start from Mhamid el Elghizlane.

Looking for a Morocco Trek tour for 5 Days from Marrakech? Because Travel To Desert can take care of you upon your arrival at the airport in Marrakech.

Because depending on the mode of transport you choose, you can enjoy visits to the Kasbahs and villages along the Draa Valley, or appreciate the pace of local life.

This is a seriously committing long-distance desert trek for experienced travelers. Everyone has their own camel so can choose to walk or ride

Camel Trek through the Moroccan Sahara Desert with Berber guides, then settle in at a desert camp to watch the sunset over the epic sea of dunes

desert trek for 5 days/4 nights through some of the least visited parts of the big sand dunes in Morocco, including the remote Erg Zahar dunes. Dedicating 5 days to experience the Sahara desert allows you to truly switch off from civilization. Emulate the nomadic existence. Relax into the daily routine of the trek, and what we consider to be the luxuries of desert life; establishing wild camps, cooking on the fire, enjoying sunset & daybreak, the night skies, and the natural wonder of the desert environment.

Morocco camel trekking in Sahara desert - Trek 5 days