Trek Morocco Desert Tour 7 Days

Southern Morocco Trekking Tours Overview

The best 7 Days Southern Morocco Trekking Tours. Fantastic range of Camel Trekking in the Morocco desert starting from Marrakech and walking holidays in Morocco. This hike in the southern Moroccan desert will take you then on a journey of solidarity.

HERE IS ITINERARY 7 Days Southern Morocco Trekking Tours

Day 1 / Our Southern Morocco Trekking Tours start with airport pick-up and installation at the hotel in Marrakech. Free meals. Visit the old medina.

Day 2 / Early morning, a departure then from Marrakech towards the far south by crosse, the High Atlas at the Tichka Pass. After a lunch break towards Ouarzazate, we will be trekking then along the Draa wadi and its green oases; pass Zagora and arrive in Mhamid, a village founded in the 16th century by the Carib tribe, a nomadic Bedouin tribe from Yemen, under the Saadian dynasty. This village, then called Taragalt, was the caravan crossroads between Marrakech, Tindouf, and Timbuktu.

Day 3 / We leave the dunes of Bougarne by the right bank of the Draa River and head towards the Laatache river, which reveals a line of greenery dotted with tamarisk trees. Beautiful landscapes to arrive then at the bivouac, – the river of thirst – water point now dry.

Day 4 /

We progress towards the dunes of the erg Ezzahar which rise to form a moving landscape where light and wind play with sand. You are in the heart of the howling dune.
This phenomenon is rare and occurs on high dunes where the sand has particular characteristics: the homogeneous, regular, and polished shape of the sand grains, absence of dust, and humidity.
The camp set up in front of the mistress of the place.

Day 5 / Climbing the erg Ezzahar in Lahdaibate; allows you then to enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the sunrise. Then, to the rhythm of the dromedaries. Southern Morocco Trekking, move from dunes to erg Zila.
After a picnic in the shade of the tamarisk trees, we crossing Aitounire; then a plateau covered with dead trees; remained there like sentinels to remind us of the value of water and the advance of the desert. We will set up then our camp, where we will find the reg.

Day 6 / On the last day, crosse the dunes Lmazouariya, and reg before reach, your wild camp for the last; night.

Day 7 / Our Trek Morocco Desert Tour End In Marrakech

After breakfast, your Southern Morocco Trekking tour takes the road back to M’Hamid. Return to Marrakech via Tamgroute, where you can visit the Zaouïa Naceria library, one of the most prestigious zaouïas in North Africa (closed on Saturdays).
Arrive in Marrakech at the end of the day at your hotel. Dinner then at leisure and overnight in a hotel (or riad as an option).

Southern Morocco Trekking Tours

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Note: 7 Days Southern Morocco Trekking Tours

– If you wish to extend your Southern Morocco Trekking Tours, we invite you then to let us know at the time of booking so that we can best organize your stay.